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Clases presenciales.

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Clases presenciales. Fotofrafía reciente.

Matagalpa city, Nicaragua - Central America.

Clases presenciales: gramàtica, juegos, actividades pràcticas, conversaciòn, clases totalmete interactivas.

Spanish lessons for foreigners

About me

I am a 32-year-old nicaraguan girl. I live in Matagalpa city and I am very active and committed to my work. I teach private spanish lessons, both in - person and online. I love teaching Spanish and connecting with the students. Teaching language has allowed me to meet many wonderful people  from all over the world and learn about differetnt and interesting cultures.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I began my career as a spanish teacher eight years ago, at one of the best language schools in Nicaragua. This well-kowm language schools, located in Matagalpa, served spanish estudents from aroud the world. As tecahe, we not only effectively taught  language, but we also strove to connect relationally we our students and provide a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere.

During this time , I recived ongoing training and professional development. Through this training  and experience as well as continued self-study, I have become highly effective at helping students of ages learn spanish.

My career has continued to develop, and I am now working as a private spanish teacher. I am pleased to be able to provide more individual attention to my students by offering private lessons,  both in-person and online. Being able teach my students one-on-one in Nicaragua is fun and effective. However the internet now make individualized language training very easy, so you can have an inmersion experience from any location in the world.

I loved teaching spanish and take pride in my work, but I specially enjoy developing friendships with my students. Teaching spanish to students from around the world has fulfilled my dreams.

I am grateful to the people who have trusted me to teach them spanish, as well as continue my dream job.

My hope is that my students not only learn spanish while taking classe from me, but that they continue with their language learning experience of mastering another language.

About in-person class or online methods. 

Personalized methodology, I guarantee professional, creative and fully integral and interactive activities. My classes have study materials: readings, games, lessons, practice, music, written and interpretive articles, visual shorts for interaction. All planned in a way to meet your expectations about what you want to learn.

In addition to making conversations about the student's favorite topics. Social issues are essential to make an interesting class and to improve pronunciation and language fluency. 

Of the classes

Fully personalized classes, flexible schedules and prices and open topic discussions to discuss any social topic of your interest.

- I am trained to teach you grammar, be your tutor or your practice teacher through dicusions of social issues.

- I can teach everything from basic Spanish to advanced students.

topics about conversation

I have a lot of mastery in social issues from which great conversations of practice and for cultural knowledge, information focused on Nicaragua, such as: Environment.


Gender equality.

History of Nicaragua.

Coffee plantation and Cocoa.

Immigration and Migration.


Family and its traditions, festivities, religion.


Voluntary work - organizations for voluntary work.

Less-spoken topics the locality considered a tabu.



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About the online classes

Steps to takeclasses online:

If you are interested in taking classes online.

1. Contact me via my e-mail or leave me a message through my blog.

2. I will send you necessary documents: registration sheet and regulations.

3. Concrete the confirmed schedule as reflected in the inscription.

4. Changes or cancellations, arrange with the teacher with sufficient time to encourage.

5. You can arrange a set date or make payment arrangements that work best for you in such a way that both parties benefit.

In-person classes:

1.- Contact me via my e-mail or leave me a message through my blog

     1.1.- If you are in the city, you can contact me at the address on the map and locate me in the work hotel. Hotel Coffe Work.

2. - I will send you necessary documents: registration sheet and regulations.

   2.2.- You will have to complete the registration sheet, read read, organize schedule.

3.- Pay onorganize payment methods: you pay an part at the beginning and the other part at the end of your class.

4. -Changes or cancellations, arrange with the teacher with sufficient time to encourage.

5. -You don't pay to book classes, but if you cancel classes during your stay, you must notify in advance. Money will be refunded depending on the days you have already taken classes and the days cancelled.

You can to read more about of in- person classes in my second pag in the menu Clases presenciales.

On payment methods Online classes are two ways.

Wester Union.

Deposit to bank account

 Price from USD $10 per hour.

- Discounts for package.

Face-to-face clase

- price from $11 per hour.

Discounts for package.

Contact me:

You can contact me on my social networks:

Facebook: Carolina Marín (spanish class with Heysel)

G-mail: heyselmarin@gmail.com

You can also leave me a message directly from here.

please read this.

This is a personal and independent project that needs more disclosure, please, if you know someone who needs or wants to learn or practice Spanish by face-to-face lessons or by line sharing this information will be contributing to the possible project of a girl who wants and seeks to undertake a dream.

I assure you, you won't regret it.

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In-person Spanish classes with groups, personalized classes

Matagalpa, Nicaragua